“The ear is the way to the heart.”

Madeleine de Scudéry (1607 – 1701)

Professional soundscapes for movies,
TV series, trailers, games and more.

Jan Heymel in his studio while scoring a movie
Jan Heymel in the studio arranging film music

Creative services for film producers, directors, artists and advertising agencies:

music composition and production

sound design (foley, jingles)

audio post production

Looking for that special vibe for your film or music project? You want to arouse emotions through auditory perception that remain hidden to the eye and the other senses? Film composer and music producer Jan Heymel offers empathetic sound solutions for many different media requirements and target groups.

His special talent lies in the composition of catchy melodies, which he purposefully produces in various musical styles – from epic orchestral and choral arrangements to energetic heavy metal rock.

Through its extensive sample library with high-quality original recordings of instruments that are also used in Hollywood, music productions for many media requirements with appealing sound can also be worked out very economically. If required and with the appropriate budget, commissioned productions are of course also possible with musicians and orchestras.

SERVICES: Film music and post production

Filmmusik hat immer ein bestimmtest Thema und eine Melodie, die oft am Klavier oder Keyboard entsteht.
Film Scoring

Der Filmkomponist Jan Heymel analysiert und optimiert Musiksessions mit digitalen Werkzeugen
Mixing & Mastering
Corporate Sound

Gesang und Sprache können digital nachbearbeitet und zum Leuchten gebracht werden
Audio Editing