The earworm of your brand.

Sound Branding für Firmen, die für Wiedererkennbarkeit in TV und sozialen Medien stehen.

Audio Branding and Jingles


music and sounds for advertising

Audio branding is the earworm of a brand. Like a graphic logo, audio branding serves to give a brand recognition and individuality, making it stand out from the crowd

Nowadays it is not only large companies that make use of so-called sound logos. Many medium-sized and smaller companies are also aware of the importance of brand recognition. Audio branding makes a decisive contribution to this. Because paired with audio-visual advertising materials, a consistent sound gives the whole thing an intensified effect. The target audience will feel more connected to the brand and they will have a certain feeling and association with the brand once they listen closely. – And that’s what it’s all about. Creating positive associations with the brand that make the company stand out and be unique.

With a good jingle, nothing stands in the way of consolidating a positive brand image with the customer. Jan offers acoustic branding and advertising, e.g. in the form of jingles or acoustic branding for companies of all sizes.

Example: Corporate Sound / Jingle

Showreel: EVL Jingle [Corporate Sound]

Example: SAP Cloudworkingspace Installation

Show Reel: SAP Cloudworkingspace Installation