Using empathy to generate the right emotions.

Filmmusik hat immer ein bestimmtest Thema und eine Melodie, die oft am Klavier oder Keyboard entsteht.

Film music – composition and production

film music for movies, series, documentaries, games and more

orchestra and choir arrangements

music production

The art of composing film music is to unlock emotions in the viewer while spinning an invisible thread between the story of the film and the message of the music.

Jan develops sound worlds with music and sound for films, short films, documentaries, commercials, trailers, as well as for video games or apps. With ease and empathy he moves in different musical styles and can therefore offer a coherent solution for many requirements.

His experience as a media designer, film editor and his studies at the Berlin University of the Arts are an additional expertise to think conceptually and in the timelines of the respective medium when composing and designing sound.

Example: Cinema

Kino-Trailer: Hotspot - Island zwischen Massentourismus und Einsamkeit / Dokumentarfilm

Examples: AdvertisinG

Show Reel: Mapify Ambassador Campaign [Advertising]
Show Reel: H&P Showreel [Advertising]

Example: Image Film

Show Reel: Codata RDA School [Image film)

Example: Student Film

Show Reel: University project [Fictional Advertising film]